Our Story

Both born and raised in the south of Spain. Our journey started in 2004 when we met at the Culinary School in Seville. Julia as a Pastry chef and Jose as a Chef. 


Our passion for food has always been our priority and after a few years working throughout Spain in different bakeries and Michelin star restaurants, we decided to move to London in 2014. During his time in London, Jose has worked in renowned restaurants and hotels, and currently as Head chef at Eneko at Onealdwych Hotel. Julia has been working for remarkables bakeries, but it was during her time working for Mast Brothers when she decided that one day she will open her own chocolate factory. A few years later, Eonce chocolate is a dream come true.


For us, more than a business, “Eonce” is an experience of alchemy where you take something that does not exist and turn it into a reality that people can see, taste, touch and smell. That’s real alchemy, and it’s incredibly inspiring to do. 


Our focus is on making simple and delicious chocolate, ethically sourced and without additives.