Posted by Cynthia Vanzella on 13th Dec 2022

New flavour: Eonce Coffee Bar!

What happens when you mix everybody's favourite types of beans? Magic!We're incredibly happy to announce the new Eonce Milk Chocolate with Colombian Coffee in collaboration with Wood Street …

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Posted by Cynthia Vanzella on 6th Nov 2022

Why Eonce Chocolate is plastic-free

For a little while in the ’90s, you wouldn’t spend a day without hearing the words “life in plastic, it's fantastic!”. The popular lyrics by the Danish-Norwegian dance-pop group Aqua was just a fun pl …

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Posted by Cynthia Vanzella on 12th Oct 2022

A mini big announcement!

Eonce chocolates are now also available in mini sizes!These are the perfect sizes to take in your bag or pocket, offer to your guests or just to explore all the flavours and find your favourite!They a …

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Posted by Cynthia Vanzella on 6th Sep 2022

The health benefits of dark chocolate

Chocolate is one of the favourite sweet products in the world, consumed by billions of people across the planet. But everybody's favourite treat is often under fire from dietitians due to its high lev …

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Posted by Cynthia Vanzella on 3rd Aug 2022

Our Chocolate Collections

You know you can purchase your favourite Eonce chocolates individually on our website. But did you know we also have special collections? :)Bushwood CollectionNorthwest of Wanstead Flats Park, in …

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Posted by Cynthia Vanzella on 4th Jul 2022

The history of chocolate

You might not be aware, but everybody's favourite sweet treat is a 5,300 years-old recipe. Yes, that old!The history of chocolate started in South America around 1,500 years before previously thought. …

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