Posted by Cynthia Vanzella on 13th Dec 2022

New flavour: Eonce Coffee Bar!

What happens when you mix everybody's favourite types of beans? Magic!

We're incredibly happy to announce the new Eonce Milk Chocolate with Colombian Coffee in collaboration with Wood Street Coffee Roasters

More than a passion for transforming beans into something delicious, we also share with Wood Street Coffee Roasters a commitment to the environment. Their coffee is farmed sustainably by expert growers in small plantations who are fairly compensated for their fantastic work - just like we do at Eonce (great minds and all!). 

Once here, their beans are carefully roasted using specific temperatures and times to bring out all of the flavours. This closely monitored process with scientific principles ensures the end result is nothing short of amazing. While Wood Street Coffee Roasters sources the best coffee beans from a few regions in South America, for this partnership we're using their special El Diviso, from Colombia. Extremely complex yet beautifully clean, this "floral fruit bomb" is SO good they won the 2022 World Barista Championships! When blended with our cocoa from Hacienda Victoria Ecuador, it gives Eonce chocolate an outstanding new flavour, different from anything you've ever tried.

Sounds great, huh? So imagine that delicious coffee blended with our delicious milk chocolate... Here's the best part: you can stop imagining because the new Eonce Milk Chocolate Bar with Colombian Coffee is available now!

Want to find out more about Wood Street Coffee Roasters and order some amazing coffee? Head to their website now!