Posted by Cynthia Vanzella on 6th Nov 2022

Why Eonce Chocolate is plastic-free

For a little while in the ’90s, you wouldn’t spend a day without hearing the words “life in plastic, it's fantastic!”. The popular lyrics by the Danish-Norwegian dance-pop group Aqua was just a fun play in words on a song about a doll, but the message stuck with a generation. Today plastic became such a major environmental problem that even singing that song just for fun feels wrong.

Thankfully, many brands are acknowledging the issue and working towards more sustainable ways to operate. This movement towards a more eco-friendly economy is encouraged by consumers and driven by small and independent businesses. Eonce Chocolate is proud to be part of it.

When we set up our bean-to-bar chocolate factory, there were many things we needed to decide, but one was non-negotiable: Eonce chocolate bars would be 100% plastic-free.

After careful research, we chose to partner with G. F Smith for our outer package. It's one of the world's most respected and remarkable fine paper companies in the world - we loved their great variety of textures and patterns and the incomparable quality.

In their own words:

“The use of coloured paper stock allows for the varieties to be reflected through a distinct colour-coded system, which when paired with simple white labelling affords scope for future product expansion easily. Overall, the packaging evokes a sense of luxury, whilst remaining true to the craft of chocolate making and the purity of its ingredients.”

With that, Eonce chocolate bars are protected and look beautiful - but the paper is also fully recyclable, of course. And inside, our delicious bars are hand-wrapped in a biodegradable greaseproof paper and sticker. Our recently launched mini bars have exactly the same packaging, zero plastic.

Whether it's a small or large order, all our deliveries are also made with recycled and recyclable boxes, fully plastic-free.

Like many small independent businesses, Eonce Chocolate isn't perfect, but we do everything we can to operate with the absolute minimum impact on our planet, and we're always looking for ways to improve. That's also why we use only sustainable cocoa beans that are ethically produced and harvested.

The journey towards a green future is long, but also beautiful. We believe it's everybody's job to be part of it.

After all, fife in plastic is not fantastic - and neither is chocolate.